"Where there's Life, there's hope" is the motto of the first issue of Life Magazine. Later, as the magazine became well-known for its stunning images of world events, the motto changed to "To see Life; to see the world." More »

"Lead. Care. Inspire." is a contemporary motto suitable for teachers. Using active words, it encompasses three major goals of teaching in a short, inspirational phrase. More »

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Historically, the national motto of the South American country of Venezuela is "Dios y Federacion." The English translation of the phrase is "God and Federation." More »

One famous Life cover depicts an 18-week-old fetus inside the womb, pictured for the "Drama of Life before Birth" issue. Published on April 30, 1965, the photograph was taken by Swedish photographer Linnart Nilsson. Anot... More »

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As of September 2014, the inaugural issue of "George" magazine can be purchased for about $20. However, it may be difficult to find available copies. More »

The cover of the final issue of Life magazine's original weekly run featured the titles “The Year In Pictures 1972” and “Special Double Issue.” The words appeared in white against a black background containing a random l... More »

John Michels published the first issue of the current Science magazine in February 1883. He had published an earlier version of the magazine from 1880 to 1882 with funding donated by such historical luminaries as Thomas ... More »

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