A typical hourly rate for babysitting as of 2014 is $10, according to USA Today, but this varies depending on experience, location and the number of children involved. The wage of a babysitter is often open to negotiatio... More »

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Handyman hourly rates vary from town to town but tend to average between $27 and $41 per hour, according to homewyse.com. Keep in mind that most handyman rates are for time only. Materials are typically an additional cha... More »

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The average hourly wage earned by bookkeepers as of May 2014 was $18.30, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This wage equates to $38,070 per year. The highest average hourly wage was $29.31, earned by the ... More »

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Determining a fair babysitting rate depends on a variety of factors, such as location, the number of children and the babysitter's level of experience. However, the rate should always be at least minimum wage. More »

As of 2015, the average salary for a journeyman electrician is $22.33 an hour, with the pay rate depending on experience and location. The salary range for this type of electrician is between $16 and $34 an hour. More »

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While the average hourly rate for skilled workers varies greatly depending on the skill area as of 2014, the average mean wage for all skilled workers is $22.71 per hour. This includes a variety of skilled jobs from busi... More »

The typical hourly rate for an AutoZone employee varies depending on the position he holds within the company. In 2014, a Customer Service Associate made $7.38 to $13.73 an hour, but an Automotive Retail Salesperson made... More »