One way to find a corporation's phone number is to visit its website and search for contact information. Users may also find the phone number by searching or looking up the company on Not all... More » Business & Finance Corporations

The phone number for the Kia Corporation is 1-800-333-4KIA (4542). This number directs callers to the company's customer support line, which can be used to answer any questions related to Kia's vehicles or dealerships. T... More » Business & Finance Corporations maintains a list of the Fortune 500 companies with a link to a telephone number for each company. The contact information also includes corporate websites, headquarters addresses and stock symbols. Individual... More » Business & Finance Corporations

To find the EIN of publicly traded companies, search for it on Securities and Exchange Commission filings pertaining to the corporation. Search for the EIN of private businesses by looking through public company records.... More »

You can find corporations in Florida by searching the corporation database at the State of Florida Division of Corporations website. You can search for corporations, limited partnerships, limited liability corporations o... More »

The best resource for finding the address of corporation's headquarters is to visit the website of the corporation in question. Typically, the website will have a "Contact" or "About" section with the corporate headquart... More » Business & Finance Corporations

As of 2015, the CertainTeed corporation lets customers view siding colors using the ColorView tool on its website. However, because of color variation on computer screens, CertainTeed recommends that customers contact a ... More » Business & Finance Corporations