A file decompression utility can normally decode a MIME file if an email program does not recognize and decode the file automatically. A few programs that open MIME files include Mozilla Thunderbird for Windows and Mac O... More »

The de facto symbol for an attachment in email clients is a paper clip, and clicking on this icon immediately brings up a download box offering to either save the file or view it as a webpage. If you have the correct sof... More »

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An octet stream is the binary version of a MIME-type file. MIME-type files are those sent and received through browsers, servers and web clients. An octet is an eight-bit byte. An octet-stream file may be any file format... More »

Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extension or Mime files can be opened and decoded by file decompression utilities such as Corel WinZip 18.5, Microsoft Outlook 2013, Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird or KMail. These utilities a... More »

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To make a batch file in Windows 7, you need to use a text processor utility, such as Notepad, to input batch commands, and save the file. Once the file is saved, you need to enable the setting that makes the file extensi... More »

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Extract an FLT file from a compressed file using WinRAR, a file archiver utility for Windows. You need a computer, WinRAR and a ZIP or RAR file that contains an FLT file to get started. More »

Mount and open an ISO file on a Mac computer using the built-in DiskImageMounter utility. You can also mount an ISO file using the command line. To get started, you need an ISO file downloaded to either your Mac desktop ... More »