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Medieval music consists of songs, instrumental pieces, and liturgical music from about 500 A.D. to 1400. Medieval music was an era of Western music, including liturgical music (also known as sacred) used for the church, and secular music, non-religious music.


The medieval period lasted from approximately 500-1450 A.D. and was a time of heavy church influence. Music was obviously around before this time and had various developments, but during the ...


Medieval music was influenced by the historical events and beliefs of the age, such as martial conquests, religion, and societal practices. The first instruments used in medieval music are considered to be important markers of progress in music and culture, and many of them are still used in the present day, in one form or another.


Medieval music also used a lot of string instruments such as the mandore, gittern and psaltery. Dulcimers on the other hand, were invented in the 14th century as technology enabled the creation of metal strings. This instrument operates similar to the psaltery. Types of Medieval Music. Ballad is a common type of medieval music.


Medieval music is music from the Middle Ages.The time we call the Middle Ages is a long period from about 400 AD to 1400 AD. We do not know a great deal about music of this time because it was such a long time ago and music was not often written down.


The only medieval music which can be studied is that which was written down and has survived. Since creating musical manuscripts was very expensive, due to the expense of parchment, and the huge amount of time necessary for a scribe to copy it all down, only wealthy institutions were able to create ...


Answer Medieval music refers to music written during the Middle Ages, around the time of 500AD - 1400. Little written music of this period survives, as making scores of music proved expensive, but ...


What is Medieval Music? The term Medieval Music speaks of the written and composed music during the era called the Middle Ages, from 500 C AD to 1400 C AD. Middle Ages began with the decay and fall of the Roman Empire. Music in the medieval times was secular and sacred at the same time and it was in chant form, mainly monophonic.


The middle ages covers a period of a thousand years – and yet much of its music-making is a mystery to us. We’re not completely in the dark, though, so the aim of this article is to give a broad beginner’s guide to the principles of secular medieval music.


During the medieval period or the Middle Ages from roughly 500 A.D. to approximately 1400, is when musical notation began as well as the birth of polyphony when multiples sounds came together and formed separate melody and harmony lines.