As of 2014, most mascaras are made of many ingredients, including carbon black or iron oxide pigment, a polymer, preservatives, nylon, silk fibers and thickening waxes or oils. Carbon black and iron oxide are used to dar... More »

Mascara is not made of bat guano, although that is a very popular false belief that is an urban legend of sorts. The FDA regulates cosmetics and no feces of any kind can be used in cosmetics. There is a substance used in... More »

Most mascaras are made of pigments that darken lashes, such as carbon black or iron oxide. Mascara contains polymer that coats the lashes, a preservative to keep it from spoiling and a wax or oil to keep it thick, such a... More »

While there are many brands on the market, CG Bombshell Volume by LashBlast mascara is one of the best mascaras for adding volume to lashes. The mascara offers a base coat for the lashes, along with a top coat that makes... More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up

To remove mascara, select the appropriate makeup remover, soak a cotton pad in the remover, and allow it to saturate the mascara. Use a cotton swab to clean up smudges, and rinse with a warm washcloth. More »

Although there are several approaches to removing waterproof mascara, the easiest one takes only a couple of minutes using natural oils such as olive, jojoba, almond, coconut or lavender. The only other supplies needed a... More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up

To remove waterproof mascara, use your fingers to rub a small amount of petroleum jelly on your eyelashes, let it sit for five minutes, and gently wipe your eyelashes clean with a warm washcloth. Avoid getting any petrol... More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up