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What Is Kanekalon Made Of? Kanekalon, a lighter and softer hair used globally for synthetic wigs and extensions, consists of a type of synthetic fiber known as modacrylic fiber. These fibers are modified acrylic fibers that stem from acrylonitriles and vinyl chloride.


Kanekalon synthetic hair is top-quality and is used in hair extensions and wigs by many different companies. It feels natural, and offers softer and lighter hair which complements today's hairstyles. Kanekalon is a world-renowned synthetic fiber that has been used for over 50 years to create high-quality hair extensions and wigs.


Get To Learn About: What Is Kanekalon Hair Made Of ... The human hair like feel is from the modacrylic fiber presenting in the hair. There is the additional use of shrinking potentials important for protecting the hair just in case it is exposed to heat or boiling water.


Kanekalon is an inherently flame retardant product in which the fiber resin itself contains the flame retardant ingredient. There is no deterioration in flame retardancy after shampoo.


Kanekalon fiber wigs offer a natural feeling, lighter hair and gorgeous body. Every Paula Young synthetic wig is made with this premium-quality fiber.


Synthetic hair is a broad term used to describe hair extension material that isn't made of a natural fiber. Kanekalon, monofilament, polypropelene and toyokalon are specific types of synthetic hair. Identification. Synthetic hair is made from artificial materials. It will often have a feel similar to plastic.


About Us. We care about beauty, but we care just as much about the safety of our products. For over 50 years, we have been at the forefront of R&D and manufacturing for synthetic fibers geared for creating the finest hair products.


Kanekalon hair are synthetic hair, which look, feel and can be styled like natural hair, while at the same time staying on the lower side price wise. What is Kanekalon hair? Kanekalon is a company in Japan, that produces wigs.


Shop for women's Kanekalon® hair fiber wigs by selecting your favorite short, shoulder length or long hair styles. Browse for Kanekalon® wigs made from a synthetic fibers from popular brands like Motown Tress™ and Paula Young®.


Exploring the Different Types of Hair Fibers There are many different types of fibers to explore when choosing a wig, hairpiece, or hair extensions. From synthetic and heat friendly synthetic to human hair and 100% Remy human hair, each fiber type has unique characteristics designed using different technologies.