Social context is how the people surrounding something affect and interpret something, and historical context is the broader cultural environment of a topic or piece, which includes how time affects the importance of som... More »

According to the National History Education Clearinghouse, "historical context" refers to the cultural, economic and sociopolitical background pertaining to historical events and trends. Historical sources and artifacts ... More »

The difference between a low-context and a high-context culture lies in the mode of communication that takes place at the individual dialogue level. In low-context cultures, such as those found in the U.S. and in Scandin... More »

Social context, also called social environment, refers to the settings surrounding individuals, including the culture they live in and groups that they interact with. Social context influences customs, traditions and oth... More »

Because Social Studies is such a broad topic, worksheets can include topics such as geography, economics and history. Good worksheets often require students not only to interpret charts, but to infer information from pic... More » Education K-12

Words forms are the different ways a word can exist in the context of a language. Many words exist as nouns, verbs or adjectives and change when prefixes or suffixes are added. More »

Social interaction is any act or practice of two or more people that engages both parties in the awareness of the other. Social interaction does not include two parties who merely have each other in a line of sight. More » World View Social Sciences