Helium is used for applications ranging from sending rockets into space to helping deep sea divers breathe. Helium is also at work in the balloons at parties or in the blimp floating overhead at a ball game. It is also u... More »

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Most of the helium gas used to fill balloons is a mixture because commercial helium is seldom pure. Usually, it contains impurities in the form of nitrogen and oxygen gas. However, the helium present in this mixture is a... More »

The Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Shark, also known as the Helium Shark, is a helium-filled toy that can be remotely controlled and appears to swim through the air. The shark can move up and down, while its tail fin... More »

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The first efforts to design rockets that could reach outer space began in the 1930s and involved scientists in Russia, Germany and the United States. On Oct. 4, 1957, Russians launched the first man-made spacecraft, Sput... More »

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Math is used in astronomy to calculate routes for satellites, rockets and space probes. In addition, math is used in the global positioning system, for transmitting messages when data is compressed, and for coding the im... More »

Boron is a crucial part of cell walls in plants, and it also has many industrial applications. Boron is important for manufacturing Pyrex, a borosilicate glass, as well as glazes, cleansers and food preservatives, as sta... More »

The thermite reaction is used in metal burning applications such as welding. One example of this application is the fusing of rail tracks. It can also be used in the process of metal refining. More »