According to Perry Crabb, equipotential grounding is an engineering maneuver in which all conductive surfaces of a hospital room are bonded to each other and to the Earth. This process is essential to preventing stray vo... More »

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Equipotential lines can never cross. Equipotential lines indicate a certain voltage and are always constant, so for two equipotential lines to cross would mean that the area they cover has two separate voltages at the sa... More »

Two equipotential lines cannot cross. These lines are perpendicular to the electric force, and the electric force at a point in space can only point in one direction. Equipotential lines can be considered to be similar t... More » Science Physics Electricity

An earthing pin, also called a grounding pin, harmlessly absorbs electrical surges to prevent electrical shocks in the event of a short circuit. It transfers the power surge to a solid copper grounding rod that is attach... More »

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