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Front-loading is the practice of scheduling state party caucuses and primary elections earlier and earlier than the general election. The act of front-loading provides decisive momentum toward one political nominee over another. Front-loading is believed to have a disproportionate influence on any party's presidential nomination.


Define front-loading. front-loading synonyms, front-loading pronunciation, front-loading translation, English dictionary definition of front-loading. tr.v. front-load·ed , front-load·ing , front-loads 1.


Front-loading is when states choose an early primary date. It enables the better-funded candidates to advertise and compete is several states simultaniously. Winners of the "Super Tuesday" events ...


Frontloading is making a hard text accessible to all children through the use of front-loading strategies (activities done before reading the text), such as: KWL charts, teaching vocabulary first ...


Since the 1970s, states have held their primaries earlier and earlier to increase their influence over the nomination process. In turn, it is difficult for poorly funded and lesser-known candidates to secure the nomination.


Front-loading definition, designed to be loaded, supplied, or tended from the front: a front-loading washer; a front-loading VCR. See more.


Front-End Load: A front-end load is a commission or sales charge applied at the time of the initial purchase for an investment, usually with mutual funds and insurance policy purchases. It is ...


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