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A flush valve is a part inside the tank of a toilet that moves the water into the bowl. Toilet flush valves come in different sizes ranging from 2 to 4 inches, depending on the toilet design. If you are thinking of buying a new toilet, pay attention to the type of flush valve it has. In most cases, larger valves move water faster, resulting in ...


The image attached to this answer, shows what the flush valve is. It typically includes the overflow tube, but more specifically it's the flapper (or a device that controls the flow of water into the bowl). Measure the tank discharge (flush) tube (the hole the flush valve (flapper) covers), to determine the size flush valve you need.


Toilet Fitting Sizes – Flush Valve Drain Hole Sizing. In most cases for 2-inch toilets, this will result in a drain hole size in the range of 2 3/8″ to 2 3/4″, and so the flange and gasket combinations on our 2″ dual-flush valves will fit and seal this size range effectively.


What size flapper do I need? You discovered there are some differences in flush valve systems and that toilets sizes can vary. An easy reference is to look at the size of the flush valve drain opening in the bottom of the tank. If it’s about the size of an orange or baseball, you need a 2 inch seal. If it looks more like the size of a ...


Now back to the flush valve diameter. The question you have is, exactly how big is big the flush valve diameter should be. Flush Valve Diameter. To determine a good flush valve size, there’s got to be a reference in place. The industry standard for a flush valve size is 2 inches. So a bigger than 2 inch diameter valve opening is desirable.


Going to pick a flush fill valve for replacing old leaky toilet valve in your bathroom? It’s time to wait for a little while and read reviews of 4 best toilet flush valves. There are so many flush fill valves available online and in local market. Click here to read complete reviews of each toilet flush valve.


"My flush valve does not have threads. How can I determine what size it is?" A. Flush valves without threads are used in one-piece toilets. These types of flush valves can be measured by lifting up the flapper and measuring the inside diameter of the hole the flapper covers. 2" flush valves usually have a 2" inside diameter waterway hole. 3 ...


A flush valve is a self-closing valve designed to release a large volume of water when activated. This mechanism is often used to flush a toilet or urinal. The valve and associated hardware are located within the toilet tank or in the body of the urinal.


Most trapways are 2-1/8" with the larger (3" or more) flush valves. That has been a good size. Some companies are using slightly bigger valves and trapways, mostly so they can say "bigger". Toto was about 15 years ahead of the others in coming out with the new design that has just recently been copied by others.


Zurn model# ZEMS6000AV-HET-IS is a 1.28 GPF AquaSense Zurn model# ZEMS6000AV-HET-IS is a 1.28 GPF AquaSense 'AV' Exposed Hardwired Automatic Sensor Flush Valve for Water Closets. This exposed quiet diaphragm type chrome plated flushometer valve with a polished exterior.