A computer's file management system allows the user to classify and organize data files, typically according to a branching hierarchy of folders and subfolders. Many also include search features and other tools that allo... More »

An individual agrees to a debt management plan when seeking systematized strategy and course of action to pay off all of his debt, according to Clearpoint. Not all consumers with substantial debt are served by the benefi... More »

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FAQs about careers in facilities management typically focus on the general responsibilities of the job, the different aspects of its education and training and what companies hire for the position. FAQs about the functio... More »

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A local disk drive is a data storage device inside a computer that holds the operating system; software; and files, such as images, music, movies and documents. Hard disk drives store data as bits, zeros and ones, on a s... More »

A distributed file system is an application that allows a user to access and modify files on a server as if the files were on the user's computer. The application is typically meant to replicate the behavior of files sto... More »

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The desktop.ini file is a system file in Windows that dictates the way folders and other files appear. It allows for customization, such as changing a file's standard icon, preventing a folder from being shared and modif... More »

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An alphabetical filing system for paper files works by organizing papers into folders that represent projects or categories of documents and placing those folders into hanging file folders that represent letters of the a... More »