Spindle fibers are made up of microtubules. These clusters of microtubules are responsible for moving chromosomes during cell division. Spindle fibers are created at the opposite poles of the cells during the prophase st... More »

Commercial optical fiber cables use highly purified glass for their cores, glass or polymers for their cladding, and polyurethane for their jackets. Some optical fiber cables use plastic cores, which are cheaper; however... More »

The ZCLIP carbon fiber wallet is available directly from the company website at ZClip.com. As of 2015, the website offers money clips ranging from $29.95 through $125. More »

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Spindle fibers position and move chromosomes during mitosis, while centrioles aid in organizing the movements of microtubules. Centrioles also help arrange the nucleus and organelles of a cell. More »

Specialized microtubules called kinetochore fibers attach a chromatid to a polar spindle fiber bundle at the kinetochore region of its centromeric DNA. A combination of chemical and physical forces hold the spindle fiber... More »

Kinetochores are the protein structures where spindle fibers attach on chromatids; this happens during cell division and is used to pull sister chromatids apart. Kinetochores start — and are in charge of — the movements ... More »

A centriole is a cylindrical structure composed of groupings of microtubules, which are rods that structure cells. Centrioles located in animal cells assist in the organization of microtubules when cell division occurs. More »

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