Nylon is made from coal, petroleum, air and water. It is a man-made product, often referred to as a polymer. The materials used to make nylon are called polyamides. More »

Fabric is a name for a textile that is a woven material made of yarn. The yarn can be made of a variety of materials, and the most common are wool, cotton and flax. More »

Felt is produced by a process that uses heat, moisture and pressure to combine a series of fibres or fur. Unlike other materials, the fibres are not woven together and are usually produced from a selection of natural (su... More »

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There are numerous natural resources in the world, but 10 of the most important are fossil fuels, which include petroleum, coal and natural gas; minerals, forests and vegetation; animals; air and wind; water; sunlight; s... More »

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To make an elf doll using fabric, make a stick man out of wire, bind it with calico strips and wadding, sew a nylon sock over the body and add clothing. If making your own clothing, use free elf down patterns available o... More »

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Lurex fabric is made using metal fiber, manufactured mostly from silver and gold. The end fabric can be coated with either metal or plastic, but metal has to be present either as the outer covering or at the fabric's cor... More »

Faux leather fabrics are made from several materials including polyester fabric, cotton, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), phthalic acid and even real shredded leather. There are two types of faux leather construction: polyureth... More »

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