The equation for net external force is the sum of all the external forces applied to the object. For example, a compilation of common external forces is friction force, normal force, air resistance, tension and applied f... More »

An external force is a force that originates from an object outside of a defined system. For example, if a system is defined as only the bob in a pendulum, both the rope and gravity exert an external force on the bob. If... More »

Examples of external forces include the force applied to the system, air resistance of an object, force of friction, tension and normal force. Internal forces include the force of gravity, spring force, and magnetic and ... More »

A net force is the remaining force that produces any acceleration of an object when all opposing forces have been canceled out. Opposing forces decrease the effect of acceleration, lowering the net force of acceleration ... More »

To calculate the normal force on an object, draw a free body diagram, determine the surface's angle, factor in the other present forces, and solve for the normal force. Note that the normal force is perpendicular to the ... More »

According to The Physics Classroom, the net force is the vector sum of all the forces acting on an object. Forces, as vectors, are measured in terms of magnitude and direction. More »

To calculate the net force, or unbalanced force, of a Newtonian object, find the sum of all forces presently acting upon it. These include gravity, friction and other forces depending on the scenario. You need only a few... More »