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Ecuador's principal foreign policy objectives have traditionally included defense of its territory from external aggression and support for the objectives of the United Nations and the OAS. Ecuador's membership in the OPEC in the 1970s and 1980s allowed Ecuadorian leaders to exercise somewhat greater foreign policy autonomy.


What is Ecuador Famous For? The list of what makes Ecuador famous is filled with some pretty impressive things. Some you may have heard about, and others that might be new to you. If you notice something that we left out, please let us know by commenting at the end of the post. Now let’s find out just what makes Ecuador famous.


Ecuador is well known due to its immense biodiversity as a result of the four very different regions: coast, highlands, Amazonian region and Galapagos Island. In these regions are many endemics species of animals and plants; such as very estrange insects and beautiful orchids, making Ecuador one of the most diverse country in the world.


Ecuador is also known for its volcanoes, which are found in the Andes Mountains. Cotopaxi, the world's largest active volcano, is found in Ecuador. Several companies offer guided tours of the volcano. The city of Banos, which is known for its hot springs, is another popular destination in Ecuador. The culture of Ecuador is welcoming and friendly.


Ecuador has not received quite the attention on the global stage as some other countries, but that doesn't mean its not known for anything. Most people can are however familiar with the Galapagos ...


Next up on our list of What is Ecuador Famous for is the Amazon. Amazon Rainforest is huge. It has a presence in 9 South American Countries. Ecuador is one of them, and thanks to the all year round perfect climate, Ecuadorian Amazon is hugely bio-diverse, in fact, is it one of the most biodiverse jungles on the planet.


One oddity of the agreement is that Ecuador has a perpetual lease of one square kilometer of Peru where they have a military base. It Peruvian territory but run by Ecuador. 5) Ecuador was once joined with Colombia and Venezuela. From 1822 to 1830, Ecuador was part of the nation of Gran Colombia which included Colombia and Venezuela.


A list of the most interesting facts about Ecuador we learnt during our time there. Despite its relatively small size compared with local giants Brazil and Argentina, Ecuador is home to an astounding array of wonders that include picturesque colonial towns, Amazonian rainforest, the spectacular peaks of the Andes and of course the fragile but alluring Galápagos Islands.


Llapingachos are one of Ecuador's best known, and most beloved, dishes. They are potato patties made with cheese and cooked on a griddle until golden brown. Llapingachos are often served as a side, along with pork, such as chorizo, a fried egg, avocado, and salad. This is one of my favorite dishes from Ecuador.


Economically, Ecuador became known for exporting Panama hats (straw hats so named because they were shipped to Panama in the mid-18th century and bought by traveling gold seekers and because they were worn by Panama Canal work crews in the early 19th century) and agricultural products, notably cacao (the source of cocoa beans), bananas, and ...