Like many birds, ducks go south for the winter. When the weather begins to turn cold, ducks migrate south where food sources are more abundant. More »

Ducks are medium sized aquatic birds. They are related to other aquatic birds such as geese and swans, although ducks differ from geese and swans in their tendency to dive. More »

In J.D. Salinger's novel, "The Catcher In The Rye," the ducks in the Central Park lagoon reveal a youthful side of Holden that the audience rarely sees. Holden, who is often grim, grumpy, and angry throughout the book, w... More »

Firefly Books publishes "Waterfowl of Eastern North America," which is an illustrated guide to ducks and other waterfowl to the west of the Continental Divide. Popular generic field guides, like the "Peterson Field Guide... More » Pets & Animals Birds Waterfowl

Domestic ducks can eat chicken layer feed supplemented with brewer's yeast. Adding 5 percent brewer's yeast to chicken feed helps provide ducks with the right amount of niacin to grow properly. Ducks can also eat commerc... More » Pets & Animals Birds Waterfowl

Wild and feral ducks should be fed whole grains and birdseed. Bread is actually unhealthy for ducks and can cause malnutrition. Other viable alternatives to bread include shredded vegetables, peas, grapes and bait worms. More »

Pekin ducks can be fed commercial waterfowl feed or can be fed commercial chicken layer feed supplemented with niacin and leafy green vegetables. Alternatively, ducks can be allowed to forage for insects, snails, frogs a... More »