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What Is a Good Substitute for Savory Spice? About.com advises the use of warm Italian or French herbs like sage, marjoram or thyme to replace the herb savory. Savory is a warm herb that belongs to the mint family.


The easiest and most common substitution in the world of herbs is to simply use dried rather than fresh herbs. For instance, if you're out of the fresh basil your recipe calls for, just use dried basil in its place. It's simple enough, but there is an important rule to follow.


One effective way to find a good summer savory substitute is to experiment with herb combinations. Consider combining thyme and sage or thyme and mint to more accurately replicate the flavor of summer savory. You should also keep in mind the family to which summer savory belongs.


Thyme: basil, marjoram, oregano, or savory. Is your ingredient missing from the list? Hop over to our spice substitutes page and check for your substitution there. You'll find a substitute for cumin, cinnamon, ginger, and others. Learn how to substitute dried herbs for fresh herbs. Basic Herb Information


One can substitute 1/2 the recommended fresh herbs with dried herbs. One must be careful, though. If an herb is meant to be a garnish, of course its dried version would usually be less appealing.


Summer Savory - satureja hortensis, is a small, bushy annual. The plant is quite woody with branching stems and small leathery leaves. The leaves have a mildly spicy flavor. Use with meats, fish or with beans. The leaves are commonly used in dried-herb mixtures for use in stuffing, pates and other meat dishes.


Some substitutes for summer savory are winter savory, thyme or thyme with a dash of sage or mint. Summer savory has a milder taste compared to winter savory and thyme herbs. The savory plant is characterized by its strong, peppery flavor.


But I guess the only advantage of thyme over summer savory is that it is easier to find it. You can also use fresh and dried thyme in lieu of summer savory. In replacing summer savory with thyme, simply follow how the recipe asks you to use summer savory.


To find a substitute, we started by asking a panel of tasters to release the scent of the herb (we chose the more widely available summer savory) by rubbing the leaves between their fingers to draw out essential oils. Then they tasted the herb. Although savory is in the mint family, most tasters detected a stronger resemblance to thyme and sage.


What is the spice savory and how can I substitute for it in a recipe? I can't find savory in my area, even at higher end stores. What would make a good substitution and in what quantities would I substitute it?