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DMC stands for destination management company. They help companies set up events, while keeping the companies goals and budget in mind.


DMC offers a wide range of floss or thread colors including, white, ecru, orange spice, light rose and dark salmon. The DMC company offers a downloadable version of the color chart or color cards that show the color and the code associated to each different color. The c...


DMC conversion charts for needlework floss are available at DMC-USA.com, YarnTree.com and CyberStitchers.com. The DMC charts include rayon-to-satin floss conversion, color families, DMC color descriptions, a light effects color listing and a DMC variegated floss and col...


In the game "DmC" or Devil May Cry, the 5th game in the franchise and a reboot of the story, Dante is the main protagonist. He is a hybrid, referred to in the game's story as a nephilim, a creature born of an angel mother and demon father.


As of 2015, DMC Floss offers a list of its colors to download in a PDF format on the company website, DMC-USA.com. The list shows the number that appears on the floss and a description of the color.


You can design your own cross stitch patterns manually or with the help of computer software. Some software, such as Pattern Creator, provides you with a color chart of thread that includes the brand and color number.


Embroiderers would use a DMC floss conversion chart if they are following a pattern that lists DMC colors, but want to use a different brand. The color conversion chart will list the equivalent color in the desired brand, so that the project will look the same as if DMC...