Data compression is needed because it allows the data to be stored in an area without taking up an unnecessary amount of space. Data compression uses a series of algorithms to reduce the amount of real space that the dat... More »

Low compression in an engine may be caused by different factors such as bad exhaust valves, blown head gaskets or extensive ring and cylinder wear. Conducting an engine compression test can help narrow down the root caus... More »

Lossy compression is a data reduction technique that involves an inexact approximation of encoded data as basis for compression. This kind of compression results in a smaller file size, but the output quality of the loss... More » Technology Software

Data validation is a checking procedure that a computer carries out automatically to help reduce input errors in data. A common type of data validation is the spell-checker function, which is used to check for spelling a... More »

Data abstraction in java is the concept of creating complex data types and only selecting relevant operations to interact with that data type. Abstraction is a core component of object oriented programming More »

In computers, a field is a space that holds specific parts of data from a set or a record. Multiple data fields form rows or database records where an entire page full of related data, such as user information, is saved ... More »

The difference between megabytes and gigabytes is the number of bytes that make up each unit and the amount of data they hold. A megabyte holds a million bytes, or about 1,000 kilobytes. A gigabyte holds about a billion ... More »