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'Country club casual' is a fancy way of saying business casual; recommended attire for men includes a knit polo shirt with khakis, while appropriate attire for women includes a sun dress with flats. However, when an outfit is in question, it is best to err on the side o...


Business casual is a dress code meant to encourage a certain standard of attire at workplaces. It often suggests a person should maintain a professional appearance that's relaxed and comfortable. However, a general agreement has not been reached about how to define the ...


Casual dress is typically more informal types of attire for men and women that is worn outside of office or formal settings. Casual dress may be more comfortable than business or professional attire.


Business casual dress for women can include wide-leg dress pants, longer skirts, knee-length skirts, capris, a button-down shirt and high neck lines. Wearing jeans depends on company policy regarding business casual dress. Some companies may allow shorts and sandals.


Smart casual attire for men includes a blazer or cardigan. A long-sleeved shirt or polo is also acceptable. Long-sleeved sweaters are included in smart casual attire.


Casual Corner closed all of its stores in late 2005. The company announced the sale of its stores to a liquidator in November 2005, and all of the stores closed by the end of the year.


Casual dress for a party indicates relaxed wear, such as good jeans or khakis or a skirt. For a Christmas celebration, party-goers have the option of being festive, interesting and colorful.