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A linkage institution is a structure within a society that connects the people to the government or centralized authority. These institutions include: elections, political parties, interest groups, and the media.


Examples of linkage institutions would be political parties, elections, the media and interest groups. A linkage institution provides a way for people to get involved in government. Without linkage institutions, people would be unable to connect with the government, and the government would feel unapproachable or untouchable.


A linkage institution informs the general public on governmental issues and encourages involvement. An election falls into this category because it allows people to get involved and have a voice ...


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Linkage institutions are a mostly informal, yet vital, part of the American political process, connecting average citizens to their representatives.


Because it does AND IT IS Interest groups are considered to be a type of linkage institution because they serve as a link between the government and the people.


Linkage Institutions the channels through which people's concerns become political issues on the government's policy agenda. In the United States, linkage institutions include elections, political parties, interest groups, and the media.


Primary or meta-institutions are institutions that encompass many other institutions, both formal and informal (e.g. the family, government, the economy, education, and religion.) Most important institutions, considered abstractly, have both objective and subjective aspects: examples include money and marriage. The institution of money ...

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How Do Citizens Connect With Their Government? ... In the modern United States, four types of groups, known as "linkage" institutions, play a vital role in connecting citizens to the government. They are not officially a part of the government, but without them, a democracy would be very difficult to maintain. ...