A conceptual definition is the underlying understanding of something that is necessary to attain before understanding how it is used or applied. In science, it is necessary to understand the subject of research prior to ... More »

Developing a conceptual framework is a three-step process that includes the extensive reading of previous research, the identification of the gaps in understanding left over from previous research, and the identification... More »

A conceptual framework is typically written as a diagram or flowchart. The framework makes clear that the student understands existing knowledge on a subject, outlines theoretical assumptions regarding that knowledge, of... More »

According to Explorable, scientific research is important because it helps generate a theory to explain why something is happening. Scientific research involves testing hypotheses and predictions using testable data and ... More »

Empiricism means to use an empirical method or practice and refers to the belief that empirical methods are the best way to achieve understanding in scientific or philosophical endeavors, according to Dictionary.com. Emp... More »

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The dictionary defines "real life" as something that happens in reality. However, one town sought to educate children about real life by exposing them to adulthood, performing an experiment wherein they were taught to bu... More »

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An example of a dicto simpliciter would be that all scientists are closed-minded and that if something does not fit into a scientist's existing scientific laws, they will not consider it a possibility. This is a dicto si... More »