Install RAM in a computer by first determining what RAM module the computer needs, then acquiring it, taking the computer apart and placing the module into the appropriate slot. It's important to observe all safety proce... More » Technology Computers & Hardware Computer Help

The amount of random access memory, or RAM, needed varies from computer to computer. A simple computer properties check shows how much RAM is currently installed on a computer. More »

Random access memory, or RAM, is a volatile yet fast type of memory used in computers. RAM is more expensive to incorporate, which is why there is usually far more direct access storage in a computer, such as hard drives... More »

Remove computer RAM by first turning off the system, removing the cover and gently easing out the RAM modules. RAM modules look like long, thin circuit boards that plug into the motherboard. On a desktop, they are freque... More »

In order to make video calls to a PC using the Tango application, the PC user you want to contact needs to install the program on his computer. The user also needs to provide a phone number in order to create an account. More » Technology Computers & Hardware Computer Help

The error message "Could not open INSTALL.LOG file" appears if the WiseScript installer is unable to locate the log file for the program it is removing from a user's computer. When this error appears, the program removal... More »

Overclock RAM by accessing the BIOS and changing the RAM's timing, memory speed and voltage to its rated values. Find the rated values pertaining to the specific model of the RAM, and input those values into the BIOS to ... More » Technology Computers & Hardware Computer Help