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Another compressed work schedule is working a (4)10-hour days and take the fifth weekday off. For example, you could work Monday through Thursday 8 AM to 6 PM then get every Friday off. A common schedule seen in nursing, firefighters or other occupations that require 24-hour shift coverage is working (3) 12-hour days and having four weekdays off.


The common configuration of a 40-hour weekly compressed schedule is four 10-hour days instead of five 8-hour days. Another variation allows alternating weeks of five 9-hour days and four 9-hour days, allowing the employee an extra day off every other week.


When your asked what desired shift you'd like at work? what does it mean when they give you these choices 1,2,3, compressed, n/a, rotate and any? its for a job in the medical field. thanks in advance. Follow . 2 answers 2. Report Abuse. Are you sure you want to delete this answer?


Compressed Shift Schedules: Altering the Relationship between Work and Non-Work Created Date: 20160731095138Z ...


Working compressed shift and rotate shifts as required. Communicating issues to the supervisor or first shift contacts.Shift Technicians monitor tool performance, schedule and perform preventative maintenance on assigned tool sets, and...


This shift schedule supports the standard 5/4/9 compressed work schedule. Each full-time employee works eight 9-hr days and one 8-hr day for a total of 80 hours in a biweekly pay period.


Alternative work arrangement where a standard workweek is reduced to fewer than five days, and employees make up the full number of hours per-week by working longer hours. Most common options in a compressed workweek are: four 10-hour days, three 12-hour days, or a week of five 9-hour days followed by a week of four 9-hour days.


Nurses appear to be at higher risk of injury as they suffer a kind of cumulative fatigue and diminishment in balance and reactions working “compressed” shifts, researchers report.1 Regardless of day or night shift, nurses working three 12-hours stints within a four-day period showed measurable diminishment in motor skills and increase in musculoskeletal disorders, the study found.


Companies and government agencies offering employees the compressed work schedule as an alternative to the basic 9 to 5 schedule. Notes You can use Snap Schedule Employee Scheduling Software to try out this shift schedule.


Various shift schedules can be arranged with a four-day work week to give employees a long weekend and additional time off. Longer Days One of the drawbacks of a compressed work schedule is the longer work days.