When air is compressed rapidly, temperature increases because temperature and volume of gas are inversely proportional to each other according to gas laws. When air is compressed rapidly, its volume decreases leading to ... More »

The MiniCat and the tiny AirPod are Tata Motors' prototype compressed air vehicles. The MiniCat is a minivan that seats six and features a lightweight fiberglass body. More »

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Diagrams for compressed natural gas vehicles are available on the Alternative Fuels Data Center website. Cars of Change also has compressed natural gas diagrams on display. More »

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The three factors that affect gas pressure are the number of gas molecules, the volume of the container and the temperature of the container that contains the gas. If there are two equal-sized containers, and one contain... More »

Boyle’s law describes the relationship between volume and pressure in a fixed mass of gas at a constant temperature. It states that the pressure of a gas is inversely proportional to the volume of a gas at a constant tem... More »

At standard temperature and pressure, or STP, the volume of 4.50 moles of nitrogen gas is 100.8 liters. In chemistry, the volume or space that 1 mole of any gas occupies at STP is given as 22.4 liters, or 22.4 liters/1 m... More »

The graph of Charles Law is a graph describing how the volume of a gas changes with respect to its temperature and where the volume is a linear function of the temperature. When the temperature of gas is given in units o... More »