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Henna can be purchased from Urban Outfitters and Etsy. It is typically intended for body art purposes; however, henna hair dye can be bought from various cosmetic companies, including Lush.


Henna is a centuries-old art form that temporarily dyes skin a dark brown-red color. Its effects can last for up to two weeks depending on your skin tone. There are effective steps that can be taken to speed up the fading process of henna.


Henna comes from the leaves of the henna plant, scientifically known as Lawsonia inermis. The henna plant is a small tree that is native to the semiarid and tropical areas of northern Africa, Asia and Australia. Henna leaves contain an orange-reddish dye known as lawson...


Designs painted on the skin with a paste made from powder from the top leaves of the henna plant is "mehndi" or henna art. The green powder dries into orange-brown stains after some time. The vibrancy and permanence of the design depends on how long the henna sets.


Mehandi.com and Lush cosmetics are reputable brands of henna hair dye, according to LushNikki.com. It is important that only pure henna is used on the hair. Henna naturally occurs in shades of red and red orange.


The earliest solid evidence points to ancient Egypt being the point of origin for the use of henna as a dye. Henna stains appear on the hair and nails of Egyptian mummies. The origins of henna being used as a dye are somewhat controversial.


Henna can last from one to four weeks. Henna designs look the most vibrant the first week they are applied, and the color lightens over time. Henna artists recommended applying the design two to three days before a big event so the henna looks its best.