The term "Gray code" refers to a binary progression of coded numbers where successive terms only differ by a single bit position. It was named after Frank Gray, who devised the binary reflected Gray code used to convert ... More »

The color codes for marking pipes used for hazardous materials include background colors of red, orange, yellow, brown, green and blue with lettering in either black or white. Purple, white, gray and black are also used ... More »

Industrial color piping codes include red for fire-quenching fluids, orange for toxic and corrosive fluids and yellow for flammable fluids. Other codes include brown for combustible fluids, blue for compressed air and gr... More » Business & Finance Industries

Ada Byron wrote a plan giving suggestions on how the Analytical Engine, created by Charles Babbage, could be used to produce a table of the Bernoulli numbers. In 1979, the U.S. Department of Defense developed a software ... More »

The arithmetic sum formula is Sn = n/2 {2a + (n-1) d} where Sn is the sum of n-terms of an arithmetic progression, the first term is ‘a’ and the common difference between any two consecutive terms is given by d. More » Math Arithmetic

In computer programming, a "mnemonic code" is an abbreviated term that is used to define a specific command or function, according to Techopedia. These shorter codes provide the same functionality as the original term bu... More »

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