Peking roast duck is widely considered to be China's national dish. This authentic and emblematic dish originated in the Yuan Dynasty, which existed from 1206-1368 A.D., and is well-known around the world. More »

The price of Jewel Tea dishes varies depending on the pattern, age and size. Typically, Jewel Tea dishes range from $10 for smaller items such as bowls and plates, to $300 for older and rarer decorated items such as limi... More » Home & Garden Decor Interior Decorating

The cuisine of Trinidad is influenced by each of the people groups that settled there, but callaloo is one of the most quickly identified national foods. Pelau and macaroni pies are also traditional foods of Trinidad. More »

France calls pot-au-feu its national dish; this hearty beef and vegetable stew appears on lunch and dinner tables throughout France, appealing to people of all socioeconomic backgrounds. Pot-au-feu recipes and production... More »

The national dish of Canada is a food called poutine, which is a high-calorie creation that consists of fries, cheddar cheese curds and gravy. The Canadian dish was originally seen in the province of Quebec, but can be f... More »

The national dish of Martinique is court-bouillon, fish in a spicy tomato sauce. Martinique is a small island in the Carribean and is part of France. More »

The national dish of England is Yorkshire pudding and roast beef. Unofficially, curry comes in at a close second, as the United Kingdom has a National Curry Week. More »