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Use Call Barring. Call barring is not actually a standard call blocking feature, it will block all the calls of a selected type. However, it can be handy in certain situations when you don’t want calls from certain types of numbers, For example, you can block all calls from international numbers.


Barring all incoming calls to any android phone 1st==open the home menu from the device. 2nd==select the setting option. 3rd==tap the call setting option. 4th==switch to all voice call 5th==select call barring 6th==choose "all incoming call" option.


To use the Call barring feature and activate it, first, you have to go to the call settings of the phone. If you are an Android user, you can go to call settings using direct call log and you can use the call barring option from there.


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Turn call barring on or off. You can block certain types of calls such as incoming calls when you're abroad.


Call barring can also block a phone from receiving calls from certain numbers and works similarly to the action of blocking calls. The purpose of call barring is to prevent international calls or long-distance calls that may use up minutes and other phone resources from being dialed out accidentally.


Setting up call barring on Android powered Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, follow these steps:-- Go to home screen. - Press application icon. - Select the phone option.


I ended up figuring why i was unable make calls my call barring for outgoing calls had been enabled but i never enabled it. So then i try every 4 digit code that myself, Metro, and Lg could think of the last 4 of both new and old numbers, 0000,5555,1234, and every pin i would normally use if i were to have set it.


Call barring is a network issue and is handset independent. Call barring has got nothing to do with the handset manufacturer and Samsung are right to say what they are saying. On a new vodafone PAYG sim the barring password that worked for me was 1919 so if it is not working for you then I suspect you have locked the call barring option.