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What Is California Known For? California is famous for the Golden Gate Bridge, Hollywood, its beaches and its mountains. The state is also known for being home to some famous and influential people such as Julia Child, Joe DiMaggio and Richard Nixon.


Orange County, California is a county located in the state of California and best known for it's tourism as the home of Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm attractions.


Other California attractions include Shasta and Mammoth Lakes, whitewater rafting and Six Flags at Valencia. A top California attraction is the Hollywood Walk of Fame, located in Los Angeles. This sidewalk features over 2,500 embedded stars denoting famous actors, directors, musicians, fictional characters and more.


Although California is well-known for its warm Mediterranean climate, the large size of the state results in climates that vary from moist temperate rainforest in the north to arid desert in the interior, as well as snowy alpine in the mountains. Over time, drought and wildfires have become more pervasive features.


California Baptist University is known in the city of Riverside for its Mission Revival style architecture. Many of the older structures on campus were built during the 1920s and 30s, a time when this particular style was popular.


15 Things You Might Not Know About California. ... California was originally known as the Grizzly Bear State. As California boomed—and the bear population was wiped out—it became the Golden ...


CSU Fresno has a long history of developing then letting fade away programs. However there are 3 that have pretty consistantly defined the school, at least to those outside Fresno. First is Agriculture, though it has seen some sporadic cut backs o...


What is California's best-known product? I am in Australia and when I saw your question I immediately thought of "Oranges" and then "Arnold Scwartczenagger" cheers, lyntoons.


California’s claim to barbecue fame comes from locals’ mastery of a lesser-known cut, tri-tip. A small but mighty muscle, tri-tip, also known as the Santa Maria steak, may be best enjoyed ...


“I feel the need - The NEED for speeed!” Former home to Top Gun, San Diego is first and foremost known for it’s military might. Navy or Marines? Depends on the side of the plane you’re sitting on as you fly in… On the left (south) you’ll get great...