A business registration number is obtained from the state in which the company is doing business. According to the IRS, some states require new businesses to be registered with the state's department of revenue. New busi... More »

Search for the U.S. Food And Drug Administration registration numbers using the FDA website at FDA.gov. Registration numbers in the FDA database are categorized according to the establishment name, product code, establis... More »

A registration tool is a service or software that enables businesses and individuals to plan events and invite guests, with or without pay, in a simple and organized manner. Most services, such as Eventbrite and RegOnlin... More »

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To find out who owns a business, call the company, check the company website, look up Better Business Bureau reports, or search the state database of registered businesses. Social networks such as LinkedIn can also provi... More »

To start a business in Florida, choose a name for your business, determine if you want to form a sole proprietorship, partnership or limited liability company, and register your business with the state, instructs Stateof... More »

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To perform a business name search, go to the website of the county or state governing body that handles new business licenses for the company's area, and enter the name in the search field. In many areas, this process is... More »

Some tips for starting a company are to write a business plan, choose a location for the business, know where the financial backing of the business is coming from, clarify the ownership and management structure of the bu... More »

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