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"Annular bulging" refers to a protrusion from a spinal disc that is still contained by the annulus, connective fibers that give the spinal discs strength. When these fibers are torn or compromised, the condition is known as a herniated disc. Annular bulging is treated with anti-inflammatory medication and usually heals within several weeks.


bulging discs are still contained within the annulus fibrosis. herniated disc extend outside the annulus. herniated a herniated disc is a traumatic focused injury to the disc, which results in a portion of the nucleus, or inside material, pushing out into a nerve.


Bulging The Bulging Lumbar Disc . As can be seen in the above illustration, a bulging disc is a herniated disc which is still contained by it’s annulus.This is an important distinction to make. If given enough time and appropriate therapy, these will–more often than not–get better!


What is annular bulge? Between each vertebra are thick disks: these comprise of a thick wall on the outside, filled with a thick gel. These act as "shock absorbers".


The annulus is very hydrated. So, when these compressive forces are applied, the annulus is designed to bulge outward. Think of an inflatable donut. Put a flat board on top of it, and apply pressure to the board. The inflatable donut will compress and bulge outward. That is the same thing as what the annulus will do.


HI, curious what the difference is (if any) of an annular bulge vs a posterior bulge- Does that mean the bulge changed position and the next step is its going to herniate? Thanks. - I believe you may be confusing the word "anterior" with the word "annular." You can have an annular bulge located in a


a recent MRI says...C5-C6: there is a minor annular disc bulge without compromise of the neuroforamina or spinal canal. C6-C7 there is a broad based annular disc bulge now with some accentuation to th … read more


The annulus fibrosis is the tough outer wall of the intervertebral discs in the spine. A bulging annulus fibrosis is indicative of a condition called degenerative disc disease.


What makes a bulging disc painful? In its early stage, when a disc is still bulging, no breakage has yet occurred. All the disc material is still contained within the annulus but is pushing out or bulging against the outer rim of the disc. Bulging discs are common; in fact, many people have them without realizing it.


That part of the veil which breaks away from the cap, called the secondary veil, forms the annulus or ring. Among the Mushrooms | Ellen M. Dallas and Caroline A. Burgin The annulus is membranaceous, large, and hangs like a broad collar from the upper part of the stem.