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What Happens in a Bond Hearing? During a bond hearing, the person who was arrested is informed of the charges against them and it is determined if they are eligible for bond. This type of hearing is also called a first appearance hearing or a bail bond hearing.


When a defendant is released on bond, the defendant is given a date to return to the court to make sure they have not fled and to proceed with the process of resolving the case. This is simply a hearing date to determine the next step. The code for this hearing in CaseNet is a "bond appearance hearing".


Depending on the country you referring to it can mean three things: 1. If someone is in the midst of a criminal court case and has been required to force an appearance bond, the court may be ...


Some judges hold remote bond hearings. The defendant will appear in a courtroom, but the judge appears by video and/or voice technology. The judge can see the courtroom where the defendants wait for their bond hearing. Generally, bond is set once the arrest is processed, but certain individuals may have to wait for a bond hearing.


Time & Location. Magistrate Court holds first appearance hearings (known as bond hearings) every day, including all weekends and holidays. During the week, first appearance hearings are usually held at 8:30 a.m. at the Clarke County Courthouse, but the time is subject to change.


Misdemeanor first appearance hearings are held once each day in a small courtroom in the DeKalb County Jail. The public may view misdemeanor first appearance hearing held in the jail from the Criminal Division by video conference. In most misdemeanor cases a bond is preset based upon a bond schedule authorized by the Chief Magistrate Judge.


That’s why it’s important to hire a lawyer quickly and have the lawyer schedule a bond hearing, which is a hearing where a Judge will decide whether or not you should be released pending trial. If you get arrested, you will first appear before a Magistrate. Usually, the Magistrate will grant a bond and you can be released from the jail.


A bail bond hearing is a court appearance during which the defendant asks the judge to release him from police custody pending the outcome of a criminal case. A first bail hearing may be part of an initial hearing in which formal charges are presented -- also called an arraignment -- or be separate from other legal proceedings.


You can make an oral request for a bond hearing at your first scheduled court appearance (called a Master Calendar Hearing). If, however, you are in detention for longer than a few days without receiving a notice of a hearing, you can make a written request for a bond hearing.


What To Expect At A Bail Hearing. Before appearing in court, it can be helpful to understand what the purpose of a hearing will be, who will and can be present, what specific issues will be addressed and what is expected of you as a defendant.