When it comes to substituting beef stock in a recipe, there are many options, including beef bouillon, beef broth, vegetable or chicken broth, red wine, beef base, or a combination of soy sauce and water. The specific su... More »

Beef broth is made by boiling meet in water and then reserving the flavored water after the meat is removed. Beef stock is made by boiling bones in water. More »

As of Friday June 19, 2015, the average price of Live Free On Board Cattle was $151.93. This price is an average drawn from agweb.com, agcenter.com, and ams.usda.gov. While generally stable, this price is subject to chan... More »

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Subsitutes for white miso include yellow miso, red miso or one cube of vegetable bouillon. South River Miso Company and Miso Master make soy-free chickpea miso pastes. More »

For those people who cannot use soy sauce, a good substitute is one that is beef bouillon and cider vinegar-based. Certain people avoid using soy sauce in a recipe, due to its saltiness or allergic reactions. More »

The most important pot roast ingredients include meat, aromatic vegetables such as onions and garlic, and a cooking liquid, which may include water, beef or vegetable stock, or wine. Other key components include herbs an... More »

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Some ingredients to use as a substitution for milk in recipes include almond milk, rice milk, juice and evaporated milk mixed with water. Cooks can also generally use skim, whole and 2 percent milk interchangeably as nee... More »