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Read on to discover how Ruth Handler came up with the idea for Barbie and the story behind Barbie's full name: Barbara Millicent Roberts. Origin Story . Ruth Handler came up with the idea of Barbie after she realized that her daughter liked to play with paper dolls that resembled grown-ups. Handler suggested making a doll that looked like an ...


Don Truslow, chief risk officer of banking giant Wachovia (WB, Fortune 500), said home prices should fall through 2008 before finally hitting bottom in the middle of 2009. (Wachovia, the No. 4 U.S. bank by assets, reported an unexpected loss Monday.)


who said white boys cant jump.he was intelligent and had the i dont give a f attitude.and you have to be made of gold for the mexican cartels to like you.if he used all his knowledge of makeing money and put it into a legal buisness he would be rich maybe not as rich but very wealthy.and the giving up his buddys didnt do anything for him becouse they have more power than the government does.i ...


However crude the last statement may sound, it is very effective and 2 the point. I now beilive that some world powers are willing to work to gether to get this 'headache' resolved in some way (as most of them have now been bit by it one way or the other....though they were first sympathetic to the cause blah blah.....now they have been stung...so have woken up)


Best Answer: Ken (boyfriend, 1961-) Midge (1963-65, 1989-) Christie (1968-2008) Stacey (1968-70) P.J. (1969-85) Jamie (1970-72) Steffie (1972-73) Kelley (1973-76 ...


the bubble that we saw and are seeing is once in a life time event - it will never happen in USA for a long long time (in most places). it will happen more in places like bombay (2 bubbles in last 2 decade)..


Here's a small selection of names of characters from various of Barbie's animated movies. Bearing in mind that this is Barbie we're talking about, how do you rate them?! Girls: Brietta Alina Liana Alexa Annika Rosella Eden Catherine Nell Hadley Genevieve Ashlyn Aramina Viveca Clara Erika Serafina Rowena Lacey Luciana Isla Boys: Daniel Aidan Nick Linden Freddie Derek Stefan Antonio


The commando who shot Osama bin Laden just above the left of his doe eyes could forever remain a ghost to Americans. His name may never be revealed; his tell-all may never be written; he, unlike other American eminences, may never be featured on Celebrity Apprentice. But this ghost is a hero to a nation in need of a little stimulant.


Lobbying and Legislation: Enacting Better Laws (http://www.policylink.org/AdvocatingForChange/Lobbying/Legislators.html) (courtesy krishna.ahd)


This thread is very interesting to me. I've kind of lived though both sides, and it is really aweful for everyone but the abusive employer. My understanding of Immigration Voice's agenda is that this group is really for people who have H1B visas and are in the country already to bring their spouses and children here with full rights to travel and work, make sure renewals of H1Bs happen so ...