An autoclave machine is a device that sterilizes laboratory instruments, glassware and medical equipment by using highly pressurized saturated steam to effectively kill microorganisms. Biological hazards are also rendere... More »

An autoclave is a piece of equipment that is used to sterilize instruments. It uses steam under high pressure to remove any contaminants or bacteria. More » Beauty & Fashion Hygiene

An autoclave uses pressure and steam to sterilize equipment in a laboratory. The basic parts of an autoclave include a reservoir for the water, a heating element, a drain and a vacuum-pressurized door. Each autoclave mod... More »

A Petri dish is a shallow dish that is used to culture microorganisms. By mixing different ingredients, such as blood, salts, amino acids or bacteria, together with an agar (or medium), scientists are able to observe rea... More » Science Chemistry Chem Lab

Hot plates are used in science to heat glassware in a laboratory setting. Sophisticated hot plates can also keep the glassware's contents moving automatically, using a magnetic stirrer. More »

Major types of chemistry laboratory equipment include glassware, such as watch glasses, beakers and flasks; tools for grasping or holding items, such as crucible tongs, forceps and test tube holders; measuring equipment,... More »

A volumetric flask is glassware used in laboratories for measuring volume in the preparation of solutions and holds a precise amount of liquid material when at room temperature. These flasks are calibrated using global s... More »