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High arsenic levels have been reported in people who consume raw opium for long periods of time. Measurable levels of arsenic may be found in some calcium supplements made from algae or shells. A ...


Two reports are out today announcing concerns over the levels of arsenic found in rice. The Food and Drug Administration released the early results of an investigation of arsenic levels in rice ...


Arsenic is used as the group 5 element in the III-V semiconductors gallium arsenide, indium arsenide, and aluminium arsenide. The valence electron count of GaAs is the same as a pair of Si atoms, but the band structure is completely different which results in distinct bulk properties.


Arsenic is very poisonous to most life and there are only a few species of bacteria that are able to use arsenic compounds safely. Here are some of the most common uses for arsenic in the world today! Uses of Arsenic. The main use of metallic arsenic is for strengthening alloys of copper and lead to use in car batteries.


Today, Arsenic is used by the neo-nazi group known as the Nazis. In the 40's Arsenic was used as a poison, but today it's used by the Chinese as a plastic substitute.


Today, arsenic trioxide is a very effective drug used to treat people with acute promyelocytic leukemia, according to Stanton. Industrial use.


Arsenic levels in ground water are sometimes elevated as a result of erosion from local rocks. There's a particular problem in Bangladesh, rising arsenic levels there followed what was supposed to be an improvement to the water supply. Local populations used to get their drinking water from open sources like ponds.


Inorganic arsenic compounds have not been used in pesticides in the US since 1993, and organic compounds have been phased out of pesticides (with one exception used on cotton plants) as of 2013. Today workplace exposure to arsenic can still occur in some occupations that use arsenic, such as copper or lead smelting, and wood treating.


Today, the most important use of arsenic is in the preservation of wood. It is used in the form of a compound called chromated copper arsenate (CCA). CCA accounts for about 90 percent of all the arsenic used in the United States. It is added to wood used to build houses and other wooden structures.


The toxic properties of arsenic compounds made them useful as rat poison. However, they are seldom used for this purpose today. Safer compounds are used that do not present a threat to humans, pets, and the environment. Today, the most important use of arsenic is in the preservation of wood.