The social patterns, mating behaviors, coat colors and vocalization capacities are all adaptations that help cardinals survive. According to National Geographic, cardinals are classified as songbirds; males and females h... More »

Limpets are classified as mollusks: like others in their family, they have strong, sturdy shells and produce slime to help them survive in their aquatic habitats. Limpets’ shells are quite attractive and have a unique cu... More »

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The red cardinal symbolizes monogamy and relationships. Native American lore states that cardinals are emissaries of the great spirit that carry messages and knowledge to people. More »

The northern cardinal produces at least 16 different calls, but the most common call is a loud, metallic chip. It is used when predators are in the area and to warn intruders to leave. More » Pets & Animals Birds

The main predators of the cardinal include hawks, owls and snakes. Domestic cats and dogs have also been known to attack cardinals, while nestlings and eggs are often the meal of small mammals, including foxes and raccoo... More »

The northern cardinal inhabits the southeastern half of the United States and portions of Mexico and Central America. An incredibly adaptable species, the cardinal utilizes a variety of different habitats throughout this... More » Pets & Animals Birds