The acetate ester of cellulose is cellulose acetate. It was first synthesized from acetic anhydride and the cellulose found in wood pulp by Paul Schutzenberger in 1865. More » Business & Finance Industries

Tocopheryl Acetate is vitamin E. Other scientific names for this powerful antioxidant include Alfacol, Ecofrol, Tofaxin, Ephynal acetate, Econ, alpha-Tocopherol acetate and Tokoferol acetate, according to the National Li... More » Science Chemistry

The acetate anion is C2H3O2?, which can also be written as CH3CO2? or CH3COO-. It contains two atoms of carbon, three atoms of hydrogen and two atoms of oxygen, and carries a total charge of minus one. The acetate anion ... More »

J.B. Hunt Transport offers a wide suite of transportation services that cover freight shipping, packaging and load management for different types of shipping needs, as of 2015. It operates across North America and enable... More » Business & Finance Industries

Drawbacks of purchasing used industrial machinery include an increased risk of malfunction, a greater need for repairs and servicing, and little to no manufacturer support. Buying used industrial machinery also presents ... More » Business & Finance Industries

The highest one-day gasoline price was $4.45 per gallon in 2008, as of 2015. The highest nationwide average price for one gallon of regular gas was $3.60 in 2012. More » Business & Finance Industries

The National Patient Safety Goals are health care objectives issued by the Joint Commission in the United States. These goals are intended to be a framework for accredited health care institutions on how to address speci... More » Business & Finance Industries