The acetate ester of cellulose is cellulose acetate. It was first synthesized from acetic anhydride and the cellulose found in wood pulp by Paul Schutzenberger in 1865. More » Business & Finance Industries

The acetate anion is C2H3O2?, which can also be written as CH3CO2? or CH3COO-. It contains two atoms of carbon, three atoms of hydrogen and two atoms of oxygen, and carries a total charge of minus one. The acetate anion ... More »

Octyl acetate, also known as octyl ethanoate or caprylyl acetate, is the ester of octyl alcohol and acetic acid. It is an organic compound with the chemical formula CH3(CH2)7O2CCH3 or C10H20O2. Its molar mass is 172.26 g... More » Science Chemistry Organic Chemistry

The main pro of fracking is that natural gas is less harmful to the environment than coal when used as fuel. The main con is that fracking operations may harm their surrounding communities. More »

Big Iron sells construction and farming equipment such as combines, tillers, scrapers and balers, as of May 2015. It also sells and rents farmland through its partner company Stock Realty & Auction Co. More » Business & Finance Industries

The U.S. Department of Labor lists SIC codes in an outline format that can be expanded from the two-digit level down to the four-digit level by clicking. The list appears on the Occupational Safety and Health website. More » Business & Finance Industries

Oil-drilling rigs and gas-drilling rigs are similar in that they both include equipment to create holes in the ground to access deposits of naturally occurring substances; they mainly differ in their extraction tools. An... More » Business & Finance Industries