Ammonia is a chemical commonly used in industrial and agricultural applications such as cleaning agents, fertilizers and water treatment. It is found in natural environments and is also industrially produced in vast amou... More »

Fertilizer is one of the main products used globally that is made of manufactured ammonia. When mixed with soil, it increases crop yields, especially for crops such as wheat and maize. More »

Ammonia is important because it is a vital source of nitrogen to support plant life. It is also used industrially to make dyes, plastic, explosives, drugs, nitric acid and ammonium hydroxide. Diluted ammonium hydroxide i... More »

Distillation has use today in many applications including in purifying water, alcohol distilleries, and for making foods like jellies. Distillation is the chemical process of boiling a product to remove impurities and as... More »

Bromine compounds lend themselves to a wide range of applications, including the purification of water for drinking, hot tubs or swimming pools, as well as to stop the growth of algae and bacteria. Bromine compounds are ... More » Science Chemistry

Potassium permanganate is commonly used as a purification agent in water treatment. The oxidizing properties in potassium permanganate make it an effective antiseptic, with diluted solutions used to treat canker sores an... More » Science Chemistry

The chemical that is designated with the chemical notation of Nh3 is ammonia. Ammonia is a colorless gas at room temperature that has a strong, suffocating odor. In its liquid form, which is commonly used in refrigerants... More » Science Chemistry