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Popularly called the 'USA' or 'the United States’' the United States of America is a large nation in North America. Gaining entry into this great country is a dream-come-through for many foreigners, which has a population of more 318 million inhabitants. It is home to a large collection of tourist destinations, ranging from natural wonders to skyscrapers.


America is famous because the citizens of America have faced a lot. They have overcome many obstacles and remain a leading nation. Asked in United States of America, History


This is about as American as it gets. The concept of the hamburger originated sometime in the late 19th century, according to the L.A. Times.As the dish began to increase in popularity in the ...


America is also famous for its many unique styles of music. Blues, jazz and rock music are all specifically American inventions. The blues developed in American South in the late 19th century, growing out African American religious hymns and work songs.


America America in known for the place where you can go and start a new life. Baseball, Apple pie, Chevy Trucks. Coffee, the Amazon, the Andes mountains, Panama canal. being fat and lazy.


From beautiful Patagonia to the artsy culture of Buenos Aires, there are plenty of reasons why people have Argentina on their bucket list. But, what is Argentina famous for? In this article, we explore just that. From facts about Argentina food and tango, to what the culture of Argentina is, let's explore Argentina!


Follow along as we explore just What is Chile Famous For. From its diverse landscapes & world-renowned wine to its amazing culture of art, history, and food, Chile is known for having a bit of everything. In this article, we explore all of this and more, from 10 facts about Chile to facts about Chile's culture.


Original Question: What is the USA Famous for? I have added a few and deleted a few items. I will memorialize this edit as my first or “the” first I’ve seen in 6 years like this. Am I that old? Perhaps America is being changed as I have heard and ...


It’s time for a breather, America. Fire up the grill, ice down the drinks, and pop open that patio umbrella. Health care, the oil spill, Afghanistan, China, Elena Kagan and financial reform will ...


In honor of its birthday, we put our red, white, and blue brains together to compile 101 of the most American things we could muster. Not all are endearing—many aren't—but they're no less a ...