The continent of Africa is known primarily for its natural attractions, including its diverse geography and an abundance of wildlife. According to "National Geographic," the continent of Africa consists of desert regions... More »

As of 2014, there are no bears that are native to Africa. The only bear species known to be native to the African continent was the Atlas bear, being named in reference to the Atlas Mountains of Africa. The Atlas bear we... More »

There are several McDonald's restaurants located in Africa, although the chain restaurant is not found in every African country. Morocco, Egypt and South Africa each have restaurants of this fast-food franchise. More »

Europeans were interested in Africa because of the abundance of raw materials for industries, minerals, cheap labor and to expand their territories. Some of the countries that were especially interested in Africa include... More »

The Scramble for Africa was the invasion and annexation of African territory by European colonial powers between 1880 and the beginning of World War I in 1914. Prior to this period, European colonization efforts in Afric... More »

While many assume that Africa as mainly desert, it is a diverse continent that sees a fair amount of snowfall away from the countries near the equator. Snowfall in Africa is rare, occurring in mountainous regions and in ... More »

Uganda is called the Pearl of Africa as a result of Winston Churchill's reference to the East African country in this manner in his 1908 book, "My African Journey." Churchill's use of the descriptive metaphor was inspire... More »