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We had some yellowtail sashimi the other day so I made Yellowtail Sushi Roll as appetizer.. Unlike other kinds of sushi roll, this thin roll (we call it Hosomaki 細巻き) is really easy to make. Plus, these are not inside-out rolls (裏巻き) which require a bit more practice, so it’s perfect if you are trying to make sushi for the first time.


Some popular sushi rolls with hamachi includes the spicy yellowtail roll (negi hamachi makizushi – recipe below), rainbow roll, dancing yellowtail, etc. Yellowtail (Hamachi) Roll. In the States, many restaurants are labeling hamachi as yellowtail, but only the authentic one would tell you the different.


The yellowtail is a shusseuo, or a “promoting fish”, which means that it has different names according to its size, and age. These names are also given to make clear distinctions of its taste, and to easily recognize what kinds of food preparations are most optimal for it.


While Hamachi sushi does use the yellowtail fish, the term is only used to refer to farmed yellowtail. Buri, on the other hand, is only used for yellowtail that live in the wild and are caught at sea. The yellowtail is also one of those fish that’s considered a promoting fish. That means it changes names as it grows.


Yellowtail sushi roll is a delicious preparation that incorporates a special fish found near Japan. Often misnamed “yellow tuna” or “yellowtail tuna” the fish used in this delicacy is actually Seriola quinqueradiata or amberjack.It is found in the Pacific Ocean from Japan to Hawaii.


A yellowtail may be any of several different species of fish. Most commonly the yellowtail amberjack Seriola lalandi is meant. In the context of sushi, yellowtail usually refers to the Japanese amberjack, Seriola quinqueradiata. Other species called simply "yellowtail" include:


Yellowtail Sushi Roll Recipe. Yellowtail fish is also called hamachi. It is a oily rich fish that is a great paring for sushi rolls and sashimi. Hamachi is frequently caught during the winter season everywhere from California to South America. The fish is usually imported into Japan after being caught and is there on distributed around the world.


Spicy sauce, scallions, and chopped yellowtail. Mix all ingredients in a bowl and mix thoroughly. The roll is made into a outside thick roll.. It is good with higher amount of chili.


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