A target tissue is a tissue or organ that is affected by a hormone. Another name for a target tissue is a target organ. More »

Tissue culture is a biological research process that involves transferring tissue fragments from a plant or animal to an artificial environment wherein the fragments continue to survive and function, according to Encyclo... More »

Hematopoietic tissue is where new blood cells are formed in the body. The blood cells in the hematopoietic tissue have both long-term and short-term regeneration capacities. Hematopoietic tissue is where hematopoietic st... More »

Brain parenchyma is the tissue that makes the brain the brain as opposed to another organ, according to SIUC School of Medicine. It is the brain's nervous tissue, which consists of the nerve cells and the glia. More »

Austin Peay State University indicates the pericardium envelopes the heart to protect the organ from infection, to prevent overfilling of the heart and to lubricate the heart while it moves in the chest cavity. The peric... More »

The heart is a large, muscular organ that is located behind the breastbone on the left side of the chest. The organ is about the size of a human fist and steadily beats to pump blood throughout the entire cardiovascular ... More »

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The pancreas is the organ responsible for producing insulin in the human body. The pancreas is located near the midsection of the body by the stomach. More »