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Created by freshmen Media Studies & Production majors Marissa Giletto and Luke Frey, Temple Talk is TUTV's first entertainment talk show. Temple students gather to report on and discuss the latest in entertainment news, fashion, and film.


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Powerful temple talks that make a difference are honest, heart-felt testimonials where people talk about their love for the ministry of the congregation, the difference it makes in the lives of others, their need to give and how they decide to give what they do. An excellent series of temple talks can be developed on major motivations for giving.


Temple Talks You Really Don’t Want To Miss! Mary Jane Sak Dan Diemer Barbara Scoville Wally Vette. You probably all understand the concept of Stewardship and how it differs from tithing and fundraising, how a steward is someone who takes personal responsibility for the care of ANOTHER’S property or financial affairs. However, for me, the ...


Temple talk refers to the powerful spiritual talks that usually take place in a temple. Most of the time the talk is usually inspirational.


TEMPLE TALK, normally prerecorded, is broadcast live on an occasional (pre-announced) basis, at which time you can communicate with us live via your computer. To learn more about Israel National Radio's virtual studio, click here. To download previous TEMPLE TALK shows, select from the menu below. (Click on each entry to see a description of ...


Full coverage about Temple Talk. Ofra drive-by shooting victims: Praying for a precious family The spiritual and the political ramifications of the horrific terrorist attack that took place this ...


When I had to tell my father I would be married in the temple, I realized how hard it can be to talk about the temple. Even though we shouldn’t talk in detail about what happens in the temple, there are helpful things we can say to those who have questions.


What I Hope My Granddaughters (and Grandsons) Will Understand about Relief Society


Jon Dowding, Morgan Kolakowski, Kalen Allen and Kaicey Baylor bring in the new season on the season 5 premiere of Temple Talk, TUTV's #1 entertainment talk show. Special guest Ben Thomas talks ...