Telephone communication, or telecommunication, refers to the practice of communication over a telephone. Although other forms of communication are also possible over the same transmission lines, voice communication is th... More »

For a phone to function properly, a duplex coil and frequency generator/touch-tone keypad are needed. With a landline phone, two copper wires run from a box at the road to a box in the house. According to How Stuff Works... More » Technology Mobile

Alexander Graham Bell is credited for inventing the telephone in 1876, but an Italian immigrant named Antonio Meucci originally designed and developed the concept of a talking telegraph or telephone in 1849. After accide... More »

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Good telephone greetings for a work number consist of the employee's name, company name, a statement that indicates that the employee cannot take the call right now, invitation for the caller to leave a voicemail and whe... More »

The term model of communication refers to a conceptual model employed to explain the human communication process. The first model of communication was elaborated by Warren Weaver and Claude Elwood Shannon in 1949. More »