A survivorship deed is a legal document that establishes joint tenancy of property between two parties. When one party dies, the surviving party automatically inherits the deceased's part of the property. More »

The right of survivorship in a joint tenancy deed means when a joint owner of a piece of property dies, the deceased's interest in the property is transferred to the remaining owner or owners, The Free Dictionary by Farl... More »

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A deed is a written document that transfers title of property from one or more grantors to one or more grantees, and a warranty deed is one type. Joint tenancy is a particular way for more than one person to hold title i... More »

A warranty deed is a legal document used in real estate transactions that transfers property ownership between two parties. The warranty deed establishes legal ownership and also ensures that the property is free of lien... More »

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Owning property by joint tenancy gives each joint tenant the right of survivorship if the four unities of time, title, interest and possession exist, according to the American Bar Association. However, each joint tenant ... More »

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A beneficiary deed allows a property owner to name a beneficiary who obtains the title to the property at the owner’s death without the hassle of probate, according to Susan N. Gary writing for the American Bar Associati... More »

A Lady Bird deed is a type of deed that gives the owner of a property the ability to transfer it to beneficiaries without going through the probate process. This can also be referred to as an enhanced life estate deed, a... More »

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